Why Recycle

Protecting Brand Equity “It’s all about RISK”

In an ever crowded market – place where your consumers have 24/7 access to global media communications, it is critical for long – term business success to maintain the quality and equity of your brand with your valued consumers.

Our recycling technology has been specifically designed to eliminate these risks protecting both you and your consumers.

Once installed, our state-of-the-art technology ensures that contaminate free waste streams are re-used in the original diaper production process with the core-former receiving pure pulp & SAP.

Our technology also gives a viable business proposition to eliminate the risks associated with Product B waste processing sites such as:

  1. Consumer safety risk – via external hazardous material contamination.
  2. Consumer safety risk – trim contaminants and baby choking hazards.
  3. Brand image risk – regarding product B processing sites, including competing against your own product B in the market place.

Our systems help you to enhance operational profitability whilst protecting your brand and how consumers perceive it by enabling you to control your waste material and product streams directly.

GREAT Profitability

Latest generation recycling technology directly boosts corporate profitability in multiple sectors such as:

Best in-class operational costs

  • Energy:

    Best in class energy requirements with power consumption as low as 8.5KW
  • Floor Space:

    Minimal floor space with systems available starting from just 2 square meter total footrprint
  • AGV Fleet:

    Reduced AGV fleet size
  • HVAC Interaction:

    No negative HVAC interaction via the new airless power process
  • Human Operator:

    Minimal human operator requirements and the complete elimination of waste transportation from the production area.

Maximizes raw material revenue stream via:

  • The 1:1 reuse of all pulp

  • The 1:1 reuse of all SAP

  • Conversion of PE/PP plastic waste stream into filtered pellets for the highest resale value posible.
  • Eliminination of all related overheads for incineration and landfill as well as respective transportation costs.

With both in-line and central recycling equipment solutions available, profitable recycling operations can be set-up in any hygiene production facility from 1 – 50 converters.

CONTAMINATION Free “It’s all about PURITY”

Sacrificing your product quality, putting the consumer at risk, putting your brand at risk are simply not acceptable for today’s hygiene companies. Absolutely all recycled raw material streams need to be 100% pure and containment free;

Our newly developed technology ensures:


    Effective with PE, PP, PET, PLA, and more. Plastic emerges from the process clean and ready for pelletizing.


    Softwoods, hardwoods, viscose, etc. all emerge from the process plastic free. The risk of specks and other contaminants appearing in finished product are eliminated.


    Works with all generations of SAP materials including latest cross-linker SAP technology.


    Our inline recycling technology is fully enclosed thus eliminating all contamination risks related to human activities that can impact your operation such as ear plugs, chewing gum, food etc.

Through the development of state-of-the-art recycling technology, Diaper Recycling Technology® breaks historical paradigms and successfully merges profitability and environmental protection into ONE creating a WIN for the environment, a WIN for the hygiene company and a WIN for the consumer.

Environmental aspects have never been as important as they are today. Diaper Recycling Technology® helps hygiene companies achieve their environmental targets through the elimination of the negative aspects associated with hygienic waste such as:


Our breakthrough recycling technology has been solely developed for the hygiene industry supporting manufacturers to:

  1. Convert their factory waste into high value revenue streams.
  2. Directly improve bottom line profit margins.
  3. Gently separate materials whilst maintaining best-in-class purity.
  4. Safely re-use pure waste streams without putting the consumer or brand equity at risk.

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