Why Choose Our Technology

Low Energy

Diaper Recycling Technology® new air-less processing technology utilizes new vertical stacking process technology allowing gravity to pass the materials from process to process.

This new unique technology negates the need to run and operate expensive air handling systems meaning that between 90 – 95% of on-going energy costs can be saved versus conventional recycling technology.

Modular Airless Process

Diaper Recycling Technology® use a unique industry first air-less processing technology that utilizes gravity to pass the materials from process to process. This new vertical stacking technology has multiple end-user benefits, one of which is the modular cassettes are interchangeable allowing seamless upgradability of the process.

Process modules such as plastic purification, pulp/SAM separation can be added and/or removed as and when desired.

Need more capacity ? Simply plug multiple modules together to boost capacity.

Gentle Process

Gentle SAP Removal
“It’s all about BEING GENTLE with your materials”

Removing raw materials from the hygiene product and damaging the materials during the extraction process has no overall benefit to the hygiene producer. With latest generation SAPs, any damaged SAP being returned back into the core former can actually reduce product performance significantly. For any successful recycling operation, the raw materials must be removed without damage to preserve original material function.

Producers require solutions to preserve latest generation SAP cross- linker coating for maximum fluid management and minimal gel blocking in the product. To this effect, Diaper Recycling Technology® have invested thousands of hours to develop a process that operates fully air-free. The new Air-free process requires no fans, meaning that SAP is no longer passed through any fans. Contact with high speed rotating impellers is avoided, and the delicate cross-linker outer surface of the SAP is protected. By utilizing specifically designed unit operations to gently remove the SAP, our technology allows you to recycle SAP without impacting your product performance.

Reduced Floor Space

Diaper Recycling Technology’s new vertical stacking process technology allows floor space utilization to be maximized.

Conventional recycling technology typically require between 400 – 800 SQMs of space to operate whilst Diaper Recycling Technology® systems start at just 3 square meters.

High Capacity

Diaper Recycling Technology® Generation 6 In-Line technology has been boosted to allow material in-feeds of up to 4 converters.

Central recycling modules process up to 500 KGs per hour, whilst adding further capacity can easily be achieved by adding more modules.

Diaper Recycling Technology® total product portfolio covers hygiene factories of any size ranging anything from 1 to 50 converters.

Pure Material Streams

Contaminate FREE
“It’s all about PURITY”
Sacrificing your product quality, putting the consumer at risk, putting your brand at risk are simply not acceptable for today’s hygiene companies. Absolutely all recycled raw material streams need to be 100% pure and containment free;

Our newly developed technology ensures:
1 – A pure plastic stream: Effective with PE, PP, PET, PLA, and more. Plastic emerges from the process clean and ready for pelletization.
2 – A pure pulp stream: Softwoods, hardwoods, viscose, etc. all emerge from the process plastic free. The risk of specks and other contaminants appearing in finished product are eliminated.
3 – A pure SAP stream: Works with all generations of SAP materials including latest cross-linker SAP technology.
4 – Zero external contamination risks: Our inline recycling technology is fully enclosed thus eliminating all contamination risks related to human activities that can impact your operation such as ear plugs, chewing gum, food etc.

A Word from the CEO

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What Sets Us Apart

Game Changer

Latest Generation recycling technology recovers up to 87% of your raw material investment

Redefining the Meaning of Waste

Material that is not wanted but has worth value to be recycled.

World Leader in Recycling Technology

Advance Recycling Technology achieving zero waste to landfill

From Waste to Cash

Got a hygiene waste? converts your hygiene waste into real cash.

Why Recycle Diapers

Through the development of state-of-the-art recycling technology, Diaper Recycling Technology® breaks historical paradigms and successfully merges profitability and environmental protection into ONE creating a WIN for the environment, a WIN for the hygiene company and a WIN for the consumer.


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